Project Description

Aqua peeling 9 in 1

Deep cleaning

The latest therapy for precise deep cleansing of the skin, Aqua Peeling 9 in 1, is the best solution for your face. The procedure goes through 9 stages, with which results are achieved in minutes and your skin is smoother and cleaner than ever!

Looking for a rejuvenating effect? Or cleaning, treating dark circles and bags under the eyes, as well as improving the texture of the skin? All this is now possible with Vintage Dolls 9 in 1 cleaning!

Smoothes the skin
Deep cleans
Rejuvenates and refreshes
The Aqua Peeling therapy goes through 9 stages that take care of the perfect end result

1. Water peeling system

The system is an innovative way to clean, smooth and rejuvenate the skin. The combination of vacuum and specially developed serums that penetrate deeply make the treatment of the skin much more effective – without redness and a recovery period. Treats a wide range of cosmetic problems.

2. The diamond microdermabrasion

This is a quick, but highly effective, procedure that is used to refresh and clean the skin. It carefully removes the top layer of dead cells and smoothes the surface of the skin, making it smooth and soft.

3. LED therapy

The therapy is a modern method of treating mild to medium-severe forms of acne. It is a safe and effective alternative to fight acne even in summer. Through a special tip, light with a certain wavelength of the visible spectrum is emitted and strongly shrinks the pores in depth.

4. Biolifting
It is a perfect therapy for dark circles, bags under the eyes, fine lines around the eyes and sagging skin on the eyelids. Even crow’s feet type wrinkles are successfully treated with biolifting. Biolifting creates a resonance identical to that of the human body, making it the perfect solution for skin problems.

5. Ultrasound
Ultrasound generates up to 1.1Mhz vibration cycles per second. It improves microcirculation, enhances blood circulation and successfully soothes “red face” and rosacea. It is used for better penetration of active ingredients and serums into the skin.

6. Oxygen mesotherapy
The therapy saturates the skin to the deepest layers with pure oxygen. It serves as a transport vehicle for active ingredients and improves metabolism. It has an antioxidant effect and restores damaged skin after aggressive procedures.

7. Darsonval
It is used to treat skin diseases, acne, fungal and bacterial infections and quick healing of wounds. The high frequency increases the activity of the basal layer of the skin and improves its structure. It has an antibacterial effect due to the formation of ozone. Cleans pores and improves lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.

8. Ultrasonic Spatula

Facial cleaning with ultrasound is a delicate procedure that has a deep and efficient cleansing effect on the pores. With it, dead cells and sebum are delicately removed and dirt is removed from the skin through micro-vibrations.

9. Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage stimulates blood flow in problem areas and improves the overall condition of the skin. It cleans the tissues in depth and enhances the lymph flow. This is a procedure that is used on the whole body, but on the face it achieves stunning results!

Аква пилинг 9 в 1