A team

Daniela is the founder of Vintage Dolls and every day thousands of satisfied customers give meaning to her work. Her mission is for everyone to find the beauty in themselves and together with Vintage Dolls add a magical glamorous finish to it.

For her, beauty not only gives us confidence, but also brings love to ourselves, and from there to everyone else. With this charisma, we make the world around us better and more beautiful every day.

Daniela has many years of experience with aesthetic procedures and knows exactly how to treat every single detail so that the final result is not only perfect, but also inspiring.

She knows that the first priority is always the clients and their satisfaction, so you can expect from her both an individual and professional attitude towards you, as well as expert care and attention.


Going beyond boundaries with empathy and care.


Treating people with utmost dignity, valuing their contributions and fostering a culture that enables each individual to reach their full potential.


Harnessing the power of synergy and engaging people for exponential performance and results.


To go the extra mile willingly, with a full sense of belonging and purpose, while adding value to our stakeholders.


Doing the right thing without any compromise and adopting a higher standard of conduct.


Continuously surpassing current benchmarks by continuously challenging our ability and skills to take the organization to greater heights.